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How Much Cost a Taxi in Amsterdam?

How Much Cost a Taxi in Amsterdam?

Costs Taxi Amsterdam: Initial Fees

Amsterdam is an extremely popular city and taxis represent some of the best ways to enjoy all that this amazing location has to offer. However, it can be difficult to determine a taxi fare in Amsterdam. Are there any ways to estimate the average price and how can these costs be compared? Let’s take a look at some basic information.

Taking a taxi in Amsterdam can be expensive and polluting. Around the city there are special taxi stands where you can take a taxi. From the Amsterdam Airport, taking a taxi is a real nightmare. You can be cheated into taking an illegal taxi which can cost you a lot of money. Always remember that legal taxis have blue licence plates. There are long lines at the airport if you want to take a taxi to Amsterdam. It’s best to order a taxi online, take the train or the bus. Within the city, there are good alternatives: take the tram or walk, in Amsterdam everything is nearby.

We should first mention that all taxis within the metropolitan centre are accompanied by an initial surcharge of €2.95. Each additional kilometre will be charged with a maximum rate of €2.22 euros. (januari. 2018) The offical city taxi drivers are obliged to take all passengers; even if the journey is no longer than a single kilometre. Now that we have established the basic fees, it is a good idea to provide some more in-depth details.

Table: Rates Use Taxi in The Netherlands

Type Taxi Transport Maximum start-price Maximum kilometre -price Maximum time price (per minute)
Standard Sedan (max. 4 persons) € 3,02 € 2,22 € 0,37
Minivan (5 to 8 persons) € 6,13 € 2,79 € 0,42

Taxi Fare Amsterdam: Some Common Prices and Examples

One of the best ways to determine the exact rate is to enter search terms such as “costs taxi Amsterdam” or “taxi rates / fare Amsterdam”. Having said this, let’s provide a few examples. Those who require a basic sedan (up to four passengers) for services between the airport and the city centre can expect to pay (approximately) between €35 and €70 euros. Larger units such as a minivan (up to eight passengers) will cost between €50 to €90 euros for the same distance.

We should also point out that the ultimate cost will depend upon the time of day as well as the current traffic conditions. The morning and evening rush hours are generally associated with slight delays. There can also be times when you are required to wait due to specific events or festivals. For instance, Keukenhof Gardens can be associated with waits of up to two hours. A taxi between the airport and Keukenhof Gardens will cost between €75 and €150 euros. It is best to contact a taxi provider if you require multiple bookings.

Taxi Fare Amsterdam: Private Taxi Service

Of all of the taxi rates Amsterdam has to offer, you might require personalised services. Those who desire a private and exclusive vehicle will generally be charged between €50 to €120 euros (to the city centre). Some amenities associated with this option include:

Passengers will be met by the chauffeur at the arrivals gate. (Meet & Greet Service)

Drivers will help with any luggage.

Chauffeurs will wait if the flight is delayed.

Numerous luxury options are offered within the vehicle.

English-speaking drivers are always available.

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Do you plan to visit Amsterdam for business or pleasure? Let CSH taking care of the transportation and have a stress-free visit in The Netherlands. Contact us in order to obtain the best offers possible. We will be more than happy to help.

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