7 Best Places to Visit in Holland

Holland, a dream holiday destination for many tourists worldwide, is at the heart of northwestern Europe.
It surprises all its visitors every year with a mesmerizing landscape of canals, blooming fields of tulip flowers, cycling routes, and enchanting windmills.

Amsterdam, as the capital, is always busy treating every traveler with its urban spirit of refreshment whereas the rural parts of the country are there to give solace to the visitors by enriching them with art and culture.
This article is all about the famous places to visit in Holland.

As a symposium of history, heritage, art and culture, Holland makes a suitable destination for your upcoming holiday and these are the places to explore when you plan for the same.


Considered as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Amsterdam is all about great museums, mesmerizing sceneries, and terrific nightlife. Take a ferry to Amsterdam North, spend an evening at the canal cruise and head to the greatest pubs in the world at night. Van Gogh Museum, The Anne Frank House and Vondelpark are the places that you must visit in Amsterdam.


If you plan for some real adventure, Rotterdam Zoo and Climbing Park Fun Forest would be the perfect destination. This city has its own heritage of art, culture and beautiful architectures that are never to miss. For a romantic evening, you can always take the Rotterdam Boat Tour followed by fine dining at the best cuisines.

• Middleburg

It is the oldest town in Holland that unfolds history and heritage. Some of the highly popular places to visit in Middleburg are Mini Mundi, Delta Works, Vleeshal Middelburg, Town Hall, Zeeuws Museum. You can go for a bicycle tour to explore the city and rest at some café for some exquisite lunch.


What can be more exciting than visiting the ‘Village with no Roads’? Yes, this place can be reached either by boat or by bicycle. The canals and the river make this place unique in every sense. Some attractive tourist spots in Giethroon are the Histomobile, Museum Gloria Maris, Museum De Oude Aarde and many more.

• Delft

Situated at the western part of Holland, Delft is famous for the greatest artworks. The antique vibe of this city is sure to impress any traveler who appreciates art. Apart from the museums, the Old Canal and the downtown of Delft are the two world famous destinations.

There are many more hidden attractive places to visit in Holland that you will be able to explore by availing our packages. We ensure a comfortable journey to all our clients, who never hesitate to experience a second trip with us.

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